Our Story

Colibri Universe Australia Accessories

Hi all! I'm Jenny.

A mom, an immigrant, an entrepreneur and a lover of handmade art.

Passionate about fashion and lifestyle in my teens (I can’t leave home without my earrings “feel kind of naked”), I used to craft my own accessories and crochet art that I ended up even selling some of them in my mom’s local shop.

I had the opportunity to meet and learn and work with different ethnic communities, understanding that good things take time and effort. Inspired by the history behind every mastership, I decided to create a fine collection of accessories combining my passion for fashion and traditional art.

I am passionate about connecting Australian women with ancestral art, so I work together with Colombian artisans. Every piece they make represents the soul of their creator.

It is an honor to be given the opportunity to show the world the great talent that comes from our ancestors. 

This is Colibrí Universe

The universe is the joint essence of everything that exists, Colibrí is the Spanish word for hummingbird, a colourful bird that can fly in every direction, free, unique and master of its own art.

This bird is native from America and for some indigenous communities in Colombia, it represents the presence of God in the nature. That’s why this is the name of our brand and also because the amazing colours and the uniqueness of the different species of hummingbirds has inspired the design of our accessories.

Our universe is the result of ancestral knowledge, hand-crafted with effort, hard work and passion adding fashion, trends and good taste. The result is a universe where tradition and modernity converge, where we take the time to understand and communicate beauty from the essence, beautiful from the inside out.

A brand founded on ethical values, we're committed to you and to each artisan.

Our Artisans

Colibrí is a universe possible thanks to our Colombian artisans from Chocó, Guajira and Popayán. Legacy art-makers who preserve their art and pass it on from generation to generation. Their work reflects the history, culture, and community they live in.

Your purchase will help ensure that the roots of our ancestors transcend and live on.